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Design Tips : How to create your own Patchwork


How to create your own Patchwork on Photoshop:


1st   step:             - Open a square RGB with 150 dpi ( on this example 60 cm x 60cm as the 20cm square size is visually engaging) See below :


 2nd step :              - Create 4 guides to place the 9 square designs. Go to View, New guide … Choose orientation horizontal, position : 20 cm.


Repeat with horizontal 40cm, vertical 20cm, vertical 40cm. You should have 9 perfect 20cm squares :


3rd step :                - Place the 9 different squares into their different slots. Open the square design in Photoshop, with the tool Move (v), drag the design into the patchwork file. It will create a new layer that you can rename. Open the Properties window by going to View, Properties. It will show the size of your design in the patchwork. Change the X to 20cm, Click on the link pixel width and height if it isn’t active. It will change H to 20 cm as well. Place the design on the first slot.


Repeat the same action for the 9 different designs. Your patchwork should look like this.