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Designer of the week: Mariah Girl

Designer of the week: Mariah Girl


This week, we interviewed Mariah Maney from Mariah Girl designs. Based near Seattle in the United States. We love her geometric patterns and we want you to discover more about her work process:



- What is your studio name and location?

Hello!!  My name is Mariah, but I work under the name Mariah Girl for my designs, it’s a nickname from my teenage years.  I wish I could say that I have a gorgeous, organized studio, my dream workspace would be something like Tula Pink’s studio, actually.  But I work from home, wherever that may be at the time… which is currently just outside of Seattle.  My husband is in the military, and since we move around quite a bit I usually try to carve out a small area to be my creative space.  Sometimes I get a whole room, which I immediately fill with my many sewing machines and plenty of fabric, of course.



- Which design school did you study at (if you did)?

It runs in my blood to think “I can do that myself”, so I am a self-taught designer.  I have taken online Adobe Illustrator and Surface Pattern Design courses through the websites "Creative Live" and "Make It In Design", both of which have been invaluable resources for me. I spend plenty of time searching tutorials and discussion groups online seeking the trade secrets that other designers use. You can never underestimate the value of community!