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Meet our Designer of the Week - Hazel Fisher

 This week, we interviewed Hazel Fisher from Hazel Fisher Creations. Based near Colchester, Essex in the UK. Her bright and colourful pattern designs are fun and playful and come in a range of styles - all beautifully hand drawn creations!  


-What is your studio name and location?

My business name is Hazel Fisher Creations.  I work from my home, in a village near Colchester, Essex


-When did you first start being interested in design?

Ever since I was little I have always enjoyed drawing and making things and I can remember wanting to be an artist from a very young age.  I love taking an idea for a design from my imagination and turning it into a reality.  My interest in surface pattern design grew after I started designing my own scrapbooking papers, I then discovered that I could sell my designs on fabric and I was hooked!


-Which design school did you study at (if you did)?


I studied Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.


-Describe your style for us in 10 words?

Detailed, colourful, hand-drawn, fun, inspired by nature, bright, varied.


-What is your favourite medium to work in and why? (Watercolour, gouache, fine liner pens).

I enjoy combining traditional and digital mediums- using fineliner pens (to be able to draw in detail), watercolours (for colour and texture) and digital art (for altering colours and arranging patterns).

-What / who are your major influences?

Many things around me provide inspiration for my work, such as my pets, garden, nature, architecture and history. Often, I get ideas from things I have seen in magazines, online or on television. A few weeks, ago I saw a programme on Islamic gardens and found the patterns in the tiles fascinating. I have always loved patterns by William Morris, I love the detail and flowing nature of his designs.